Sunday School

Our Sunday School is designed to accomplish two purposes

  • Discipleship: This is a time to dig into God's word and deal with contemporary issues as well as theological topics. The format allows discussion, questions, and interaction with the Teacher.
  • Connect: Sunday School is a great way to make friends and get to know people better than you can in a worship service or other activities.

We encourage you to choose the Sunday School class that best meets your needs. 

(see below) 

Adult Bible Study

Teachers: Elaine Sofran and Steve Knezovich

Meets in the Sanctuary

This class deals with contemporary issues concerning our daily walk with Christ. This focus provides a chance to talk through some of the difficulties that Christians face and hopefully to bear one another's burdens.

Curriculum materials that you can keep are provided. Discussion and questions are encouraged. 

Adult Bible Study

Teacher: Pastor Kevin Carpenter

Meets in the back of the Sanctuary (separate room) 

The aim of this class is to address doctrinal issues, such as "Who is Christ?",  "The Purpose of the Church," "The Trinity," and other important building blocks of the faith. The class is meant to be laid back and fluid to allow time for discussion and learning. 


Teachers: Brenton & Karen Brown

Meets in the Basement

Identity in Christ is so important to understand, especially when a young person's faith is developing. Our culture often times has a greater role in forming the identity of a teenager than the church does. The only thing that can bring about change is to pour God's word into young hearts.  Brenton and Karen use many different mediums to accomplish this goal, such as media, fun and games, and teaching.